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Le Ballon BleuLe Ballon Bleu

A curious blue balloon leads a girl on an adventure through the streets of Paris, but she quickly discovers all is not what it appears to be. When she crosses paths with a little boy and his red balloon, it becomes clear there's a greater magical force at work. Le Ballon Bleu is a story about the magic of childhood and the importance of friendship. 

The film uses many of the same Parisian locations as the film Le Ballon Rouge (1956) to connect the two stories visually. The filmmakers designed the film as if to be intercut seamlessly with the original 1956 film, and to show the origin story for the red and blue balloon that are at the heart of both magical films.



Butterflies & Lightning by Styopa Films
Butterflies & Lightning by Styopa Films
Butterflies & Lightning

In the tradition of Pan's Labyrinth, Big Fish, and Chocolat, Butterflies & Lightning is a dark fable of magical-realism. It's part legend and part fairytale about a children's storybook that mirrors the lives of two best friends who are forever cursed to share the same heart, and fall in love with the same women for the rest of their lives. 

Magical-realism is a genre that has inspired the imaginations of film audiences around the world since the dawn of cinema.



Use As DirectedUse As Directed

Use As Directed takes us on a journey with Gilda, a lonely, obsessive-compulsive hairdresser who loves rules.  But, in the course of one magical, rule-breaking day with a mysterious stranger, Gilda’s unrealized life begins to fall into place as she discovers that sometimes you need to break the rules in order to let your heart dream.

What transpires is an adventure through different perspectives of seeing her world.  She quickly discovers that finding the right combination of this ‘New Perspective’ proves more difficult than she imagined and her new challenge becomes how much she must break the rules to find exactly what she’s looking for.

Starring: Cheyenne Casebier (Two and a Half Men), Eduardo Arroyuelo (7 Dias, Before Night Falls), Yareli Arizmendi (A Day Without a Mexican, 24), Marita Geraghty (Groundhog Day, Don Juan DeMarco) and Charley Rossman (Superbad, CSI).

Of the films’ main character Griffin says, “Everyone sometimes falls into the trap of becoming a prisoner of his or her own design. Too many people walk around in their lives oblivious to the possibilities that are passing them by.  All it takes is a little something - a little upset or change in their daily routine - to snap them out of that blindness. In Gilda's case, that little something is in deciding to challenge the implausible and the willingness to see how far it will take her.”




The InnocentsThe Innocents

The Innocents is an award winning, independent family film that screened at nearly two-dozen film festivals to rave reviews including FilmThreat and the LA Times.

The Innocents is a heartfelt coming-of-age drama set in small town America during the innocence of the early 1960's. It follows two girls, Jane and Maggie, who meet during a particularly abusive incident at school.  The girls quickly become best friends and while investigating an old attic they uncover a diary left by Jane's mother where she tells of her illicit teenage love for a young black man.

The secretive nature of the diary leaves both girls questioning their past and rethinking their future, until finally, in what will be their last summer together they set out to investigate the story behind the diary and unlock the answers to Jane’s mother's past.

Along their journey, the girls discover more about their pasts then they could have imagined while finding in each other their first true friend on an adventure that will forever change their lives and the way they see the world.

This at times humorous, touching personal film investigates the meaning of friendship and the cruelty family secrets with an award winning, original story and an ending that promises to bring you to that place in your heart so few films dare to travel.



• • • Katherine is currently writing STARDUST with acclaimed film director Alfonso Arau.

• • • BAD THINGS, our TV Pilot has been included in the Top 75 Finalists in Tracking Board's Launch Pad Pilot Competition.

• • • Katherine Griffin is the Co-Producer of the award winning feature documentary LADDIE: THE MAN BEHIND THE MOVIES (directed by Amanda Ladd-Jones). LADDIE is the untold story of movie mogul Alan Ladd Jr., who green lit Star War, Blade Runner, Alien, Police Academy, Thelma & Louise and dozens more iconic and Oscar winning films.

• • • BAD THINGS, our first TV Pilot has been selected as a Semi-Finalist in the Page Screenwriting Awards.

• • • ROSE COLORED WORLD, our latest short film written & directed by Katherine Griffin and produced by Jon Bachmann and Emilia Arau is screening in NewFilmmakers Los Angeles.

• • • BUTTERFLIES & LIGHTNING is a Semi-Finalist in the Zoetrope Screenwriting Competition.

• • • For the third year in a row, our screenplays have placed in UCLA's Professional Program in Screenwriting competition.

• • • Our screenplay for THE REVENGE is a Semi-Finalist in the NICHOLL SCREENWRITING FELLOWSHIP.

• • Our screenplay for ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE has advanced to the semi-finals of the Final Draft screenwriting competition, and has been listed among the TOP 25 thriller screenplays in the Tracking Board screenplay competition.

• • We are happy to announce that we have sold our latest award winning short film USE AS DIRECTED to SHORTS INTERNATIONAL.

• • We are developing several exciting projects and will keep you informed as they come to fruition.